Harrison Argatoff - Tenor Saxophone

Mike Murley - Tenor Saxophone

Steve Wallace - Upright Bass

Harry Vetro - Drumset

Track Listing: 

1. Kite of Clay (Argatoff) (7:19)

2. Trout in Swimwear (Argatoff) (7:24)

3. Writers’ Tears (Murley) (5:44)

4. Dig Diz (Murley) (6:10)

5. New Peace (Murley) (5:41)

6. Only Hear Say (Argatoff) (5:51)

7. Dry Oatmeal (Argatoff)(6:16)

8. Together Alone (Murley) (9:59)


Harry Vetro


Trout in Swimwear releases on Sunday February 9th, 2020. A CD release show is planned at The Rex Hotel in Toronto on Sunday February 9th at 9:30pm followed by a Western Canada Tour from February 13th to 22nd.

Harrison² (pronounced Harrison Squared) is a Toronto-based jazz quartet featuring up-and-coming instrumentalists Harry Vetro and Harrison Argatoff alongside Canadian Jazz legends Mike Murley and Steve Wallace. They are a chordless quartet; harmony is expressed through saxophones and bass defining the groups sound.  


Harrison² formed in January 2016 at the University of Toronto during a lesson with Wallace and Vetro. Vetro invited his friend Argatoff in to play jazz standards part way through the lesson, and the three immediately recognized a natural musical connection. In September 2016, they landed a gig at The Rex Hotel and Murley joined on forming the Harrison² Quartet. They continued playing around Toronto forging an exciting musical relationship.  


Three years later, the group recorded a self-funded album at Union Sound in Toronto. Trout in Swimwear, Harrison²’s forthcoming release, is a collection of contrafacts composed by Argatoff and Murley.     Trout in Swimwear is a collaboration across generations. The album introduces Vetro and Argatoff to the Canadian jazz scene and displays Murley and Wallace’s knowledge of the jazz tradition. Their contrasting voices draw inspiration from jazz history creating a well-informed jazz album

Harrison² was recently featured on Brad Barker's "First Listen" Show on JazzFM

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